Aaron And Amy Fuhrman At Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Aaron (Dad) is a passionate photographer. At his urging the rest of the family rises at the crack of dawn to see nature in the best light.

Amy (Mom) loves to nap. At her urging the family stays in, enjoys the view from our room, sips coffee and leaves around noon to see the scenery.

Kaitlyn At Rainbow Curve

Kaitlyn is our resident model. She is conflicted when it comes to early morning outings or staying in with a cup of coffee. Her love for the great outdoors is only rivaled by Emily.

Emily Hiking Back From Dream Lake

Emily is our historian. What she doesn’t know she quickly looks up to have a better understanding of our surroundings. Her love for the great outdoors is contagious.

Kyle At Sprague Lake

Kyle is our only boy. He can be quiet or talk your ear off depending on his mood. He takes in everything and loves to tell you about the places we visit in great detail.

Ella On Storm Pass In Rocky Mountain National Park

Ella is our weary traveler. She wants to see it all and rest well when we’ve returned from our outings. She said “We must press on.” while hiking to Dream Lake and “I do not live in nature!” on our hike back.