I’m skipping over our trip to Great Smoky Mountains National Park. In my last entry I stated it would be next. I will get back to it along with other adventures soon. Today I’m dedicating the blog to my best friend. My amazing wife, Amy.

Amy has a good job. She works hard. I both appreciate her job and loathe it. This good job takes my friend away from me for long hours.

“There is no unhappiness like the misery of sighting land (and work) again after a cheerful, careless voyage.” ~ Mark Twain

Amy and I work great together. I am happiest when she is by my side. We sync up and get the job done. I’m a daydreaming creative man who moves from one idea to the next. Amy grounds me, encourages me and shows me the way. She is a get it done kind of woman. I feel lost when she is not around.

This October Amy and I will celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary. I know what you’re thinking. How can these two kids have been married that long? It’s true though. Half our life on this planet has been together. We’ve weathered some tough times. We’ve reveled in the good times. And we love the result of our twenty year union.

How could you not love those results? These four beautiful children bring a certain amount of stress, worry and frustration into our life. It’s not all bad, they out weigh all of that with an overwhelming amount of joy. Pure unconditional love and moments so precious you wish time would stop.

This is why I loathe Amy’s job. I suppose it sounds selfish. But I think it is okay to be selfish with time. As I said her job is good. It has all the benefits you could want in a good job. Overall she enjoys her job. And yet I still loathe it.

When Amy and I had Kaitlyn everyone said “Enjoy this time, it will go by so fast!”. Some people don’t see that. I did. Right from the start I wanted all the time I could with this amazing little girl. Time marched on and three more children (Emily, Kyle and Ella) were added to our Family. Now we’re a big Family and I love it.

I want my Family, who loves nature, to see more of it. All of it. I want to travel with them so much more. I want more of the silly jokes and memories made together while on road trips to and from beautiful places. I want to experience many more of those hushed moments and happy tears as they see a new place for the first time.

“Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul.” ~ John Muir

Those moments are not going to come from a good job. A good job means you settle into a routine. You pay bills. You share silly memes with one another. The kiddos go to school. Life pushes forward relentlessly as you go through your days. Every now and then you stop and realize how fast time is going by.

I’ve discovered that time moves much slower when we’re together as a Family. My Family has noticed this as well. On our most recent trip we joked about how long the days were. It felt like we had spent two weeks in Estes Park, CO. When, in fact, we only spent three days.

So, the goal moving forward is this. Get Amy fired! Okay, that won’t work. Leaving the question “What will work”? This is a serious question. One Amy and I have pondered. What we want is to home school the kiddos and travel at least once a month, if not more. There are some logistical problems. Problems we would like to have. Problems I know we could solve. First is funding. In fact, it is the biggest problem. Isn’t it always?

There was a time when I thought being the best photographer I could be would lead to funding for our Family to travel more. It went the wrong direction and I traveled without my Family. I didn’t like it. My work suffered because of the separation.

Nothing I do without Amy is successful. In our twenty year marriage I have learned this over and over. However, everything I do with Amy is successful. This has been proven to me again and again. She is an incredibly hard worker. She is dedicated. She is focused. I need this if I ever hope to be successful in my endeavors. Right now she is working hard at her job. She is dedicated to it. She is focused on it. I’m jealous they have such a great person working for them. I’m jealous she is not working with me.

I want to offer Amy a GREAT JOB! One that involves more time with our Family and much more traveling together. To do that I need clients. Clients who wish to benefit from a daydreaming creative man, his hard-working woman and amazing children. Clients who want authentic content. Clients who want to support an amazing Family in achieving unrealistic goals. All we ask in return is some traveling money and those benefits I mentioned earlier. That’s it.

With Amy we cannot lose. I guarantee it.

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“The power of imagination makes us infinite.” ~ John Muir

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