Margaret and Edward Gehrke loved the National Parks. Edward loved taking photographs of their visits to the parks. Margaret kept a beautifully written journal of their travels. The quote below is from Margaret’s journal in the summer of 1921 while close to Lassen Volcanic National Park. The roads were treacherous and to go would be dangerous.

“It would be sensible not to go. To be sensible is to be commonplace. To be commonplace is unpardonable. I shall regret this decision.” ~ Margaret Gehrke

The Gehrke’s had no children. Amy and I have four children and for us, traveling is often financially irresponsible. When presented with the opportunity to travel we pour over the bills. The reasons not to go always out weigh the reasons to go. That is until we arrive at our destination.

On our recent trip to Rocky Mountain National Park we watched every dime as we stopped for gas and food. Compared our funds on hand to the travel days lurking ahead. Each trip starts with a well calculated budget which we must adhere to.

Those worries melt away at the first sight of snow capped mountains as we arrive at Estes Park, CO. Amy’s eyes tear up as she takes in the view from the car. She looks at me with a knowing smile and says “This was a good idea”.

“Let those who will buy lands and horde money, we will have our memories, glad memories of golden experiences together” ~ Margaret Gehrke

As a photographer I cannot pass up the opportunity to capture a beautiful sunrise. This means waking up early in the morning, 4:30AM to be exact. Fortunately for me I am not alone in wanting to chase the morning light. Kaitlyn, Emily and Kyle all woke up early with me and joined me at Sprague Lake. Amy and Ella slept in.

We all enjoyed the incredible scenery of Rocky Mountain National Park. Each morning we would open the curtains, stop for a moment, and take in the view. Some of us were content to sit on the porch, sip our coffee, linger around the room and enjoy the view between naps. While some of us could not wait to be in the mountains hiking through snow. To immerse ourselves in the surrounding scenery. Somehow we found a comfortable balance between the two. I chose to photograph the scenery.

These precious memories made together are worth more than any amount of money. The time spent together now brings our family closer. As time marches on and our children grow Amy and I will have these incredible moments to reflect on.

Fuhrman Family At Rocky Mountain National Park

June 24, 1934 – “Sunday at Rose Den. The twilight hour is here: I look out to the dark clouds on the mountain sides. . . Towards evening we have gotten our things together for quick packing in the morning. Our stay here in Rose-Den comes to an end. Will we come back again? I wonder.” ~ Margaret Gehrke

We hope our blog will inspire you to seize the day. Travel when the opportunity arises and ask yourself “If not now, when?”

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